The works of Ada Van Hoorebeke (Belgium, °1982) are composed of natural materials, mainly ceramics, wood and textiles, enlivened with colour extractions and fermentation of natural colours. They often make use of batik, a waxresist dyeing technique where hot wax is painted directly on the fibres of a canvas, and its remaining surface is dyed in different colour baths. The working process and the respective sites strongly influence the work of the artist.

DMW Art Space shows her most recent work Vuurtongen (Tongues of Fire), created after a residency in Be-Part, Platform for Contemporary Art in Waregem, during Spring 2016. The work consists of a pile of newspapers called Vuurtongen, and spatial works with objects covered in batik. The works are inspired by similarities between a powerful traditional batik pattern from Java, called Tongues of Fire or Lidah api, and a drying system with freshly primed painters’ canvasses in a canvas company in Waregem (West-Flanders).

The Vuurtongen newspaper shows interpretations of the Javanese pattern in collaboration with the day centre Mivalti from Tielt, along with documentation of the canvas company and sculptural works made with batiked canvasses on discarded material.

Ada Van Hoorebeke works and lives in Berlin. She learned batik in Gambia (2006 & 2011) and in Indonesia (2016). MA Painting, Academy of Antwerp, (2006). Artist in Residence, WIELS, Brussels 2010 and Be-Part, Waregem, 2016.


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