Boy & Erik Stappaerts 

Conflict Paintings, Polarisation Paintings and Noise Paintings 

The Conflict Paintings of Boy & Erik Stappaerts (BES Institute) show a visual field of the ethnical and cultural diversity within the contemporary urban landscape. As ethnicity and ideology can be reflected in colors, diversity can be expressed in personalities. In any relationship, there is a dualism where peace and conflict fluctuate continuously. BES transports this worldly known tension to a larger context. 

BES confronts attraction and repulsion, changes and influences with power structures. He is searching for the moment where the tilt takes place, the exact point where a group changes their color through which the group defines their (color)integration. 

Color-groups relate to ethnical and ideological groups, the gradation in a certain color-group defines or collects militant leaders of their ethnical and ideological group-organization and their many fellow followers. 

Since he was of young age, BES analyses and layers his individual chosen color scheme on the grand scheme of things. Together with his daily research drawings, there is a constant up to date interlink with the current news. 

During this last century, it was expected that migrants would automatically dissolve in the already existing ethnical group. Supposedly they should have discolored when they intertwined with the local population. Today, more than ever, we see that this overall blending doesn’t exist. On the contrary, there is a reinforcement of the authentic color of all different parties. This process takes possession of the Conflict Paintings. 

In a further exploration, Boy & Erik Stappaerts makes Noise Paintings and Polarisation Paintings. 

Noise Paintings represent the ever evolving overflooding information and communication world, they are visual reproductions of the impossibility and loss of a clear and outlined coalition. A Noise Painting is a collection of structures chosen by the individual or suppressed from cultural habits. Polarisation Paintings are basic black & white layered with a transparent color. Instead of harmonizing, the current today of polarization in each segment of society is a clear clash between different opinions and groups. 

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