‘Enough to prove that the black sky is truly of mankind and not painted on the windowpane’, by Hannelore Van Dijck and Koba De Meutter

Opening Friday 25 May 2018, from 6-10 pm. Finissage on Sunday 24 June 2018. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 2-6 pm.

Enough to prove that the black sky is truly of mankind and not painted on the windowpane’ is the collaboration between Hannelore Van Dijck and Koba De Meutter. Every meeting can shift or attribute meaning. Koba and Hannelore are both artists who start from a dialogue with a given context. Together they move in a new environment in which codes get intermingled, and a frame of reference is nothing on which to fall back. Hannelore plays Koba, Koba copies Hannelore, inexperience is a factor, looking for help is sublime and a dialogue among each other can grow into a dialogue with links from the environment. Visual language is universal, but at times also indirect, fragmentary and obscure. How will they go about this? How can they balance or shift together between inexperience and experience; comfort and fear; action and reflection?


‘to take leave’ by Dries Segers and Bram De Jonghe.

Opening on 9 March from 6 pm until 10 pm. Open every Thu-Fri-Sat from 2-6 pm.

“to take leave” is an exhibition by Dries Segers and Bram De Jonghecentred on the idea of the mould. In sculpture, the mould is the temporary casing of the definitive statue. Photography needs the mould in order to make endless copies. What is the original?

Print and sculpture resemble each other yet differ in their relationship to the mould. The exhibition tackles this theme in different ways by juxtaposing the work and traditions of both artists.


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