1+1+1=3: Dries Segers, Caroline Van den Eynden and Denitsa Todorova



Enough to Prove that the Black Sky is Truly of Mankind and not Painted on the Windowpane: Hannelore Van Dijck invites Koba De Meutter

to take leave: Dries Segers invites Bram De Jonghe

Conditions and Opportunities: Kris Van Dessel invites Tom Van Malderen

Le Papillon de l’Architecture: Caroline Van den Eynden invites Thomas Raat

Trophies of Atmospheric Intellect: Maxime Christiaensen invites Boy-Erik Stappaerts



Duo exhibitions

Stone and a Glass/Tongues of Fire: Denitsa Todorova invites Ada Van Hoorebeke

Borrowed Forms: Johan Gelper invites Wannes Lecompte

Andalusian Sunrise: Federico Acal invites Liesbeth Doms

You, Me and You Again by Me: Timo van Grinsven invites Juan Pablo Plazas

Eyes in Cheese: Saori Kuno invites Philip Janssens

De held zwemt altijd stroomopwaarts: Warre Mulder invites Tom Poelmans

Potential Dwellers: Michiel Ceulers invites James Beckett

Trophies of Atmospheric Intellect: Maxime Christiaensen invites Boy&Erik Stappaerts

Group shows