Like making art, doing your hair is an aesthetic gesture. It goes beyond how it looks. You want to look pretty but still be yourself. You want to be cool, but still have personality. We are just too self aware about it. It becomes a perfect relationship between content and form.
This however can be too deterministic, and that’s why the invention of hair trends: To free us from certain constraints. In some cultures, having one’s hair cut can symbolize a liberation from one’s past, usually after a trying time in one’s life.
On the other hand, the snake is quick and changes her skin. Her clothing is part of herself. She is healing and routinely casting off a part of her body. The moulting of the skin occurs regularly, when old skin is outgrown. She doesn’t have eyelids, so the mount is vital for maintaining her quality of vision. Sometimes our eyes also get blurry. It’s good to change our skin to have clear vision.
I have spent very long nights painting. Trying to find the right colours. Trying to blend the paint respectfully. Trying to find the right forms. Trying to be patient. Such a laborious task.
Liesbeth Doms

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