Each duo exhibition is concluded with the presentation of unique multiples made by the artists for DMW.
You can check the availability and order your editions here.


A new multiple by Caroline Van den Eynden to accompany the launch of the artist’s new book ‘Connection Between Memory and Desire’ at Art Rotterdam 2019.

Together, the editions fit into one big work as apartments in a high-rise. The buyer chooses an apartment on their floor of preference, with the option of buying a luxurious penthouse loft. The multiple comes with four bars of soap that each contain a small plate. After using the soap, these plates can be fitted in the multiple, which may then be mounted on the wall as a finished sculpture.

The architectural representation of the multiples and the bars of soap both refer to the memories and desires of the artist. The fast-paced, resilient and costly nature of the urban environment stand in stark contrast with the slowness, impermanence and cheap simplicity of the soap. The work is only completed by the mundane act of washing your hands, through which appear the last missing pieces of the work, up to four times. This act brings the buyer literally to a standstill, allowing them to reflect on the correlation between time, texture, transience and erosion, and to connect this to the work.

Editions 2017-18

Editions 2016-17