14 April 2017- 7 May 2017

The sculptures of Warre Mulder (Belgium, °1984) playfully combine form and technique. From combinations of ceramic, wood and synthetics, colourful creatures originate that appear to hail from the world of the absurd. Warre Mulder sets out to imbue his sculptures with a soul. To reach this goal, the artist samples from the vast archive of sculptural traditions, disregarding any distinction between religious sculptures and the spirited world of children’s toys.

Warre Mulder lives and works in Zeeland. His works have been exhibited at Lokaal 01 (Breda), Rond de Put (Ekeren), CC Gasthuis (Aarschot), ASAP Genk, CC Mechelen, PARK (Antwerp) and MAGMA (Antwerp).


Tom Poelmans (Belgium, °1984) operates in a pictorial no man’s land of sorts. His paintings function as depictive pin-pricks to the traditions of the art of painting, but appear to escape every conceptual or pictorial frame. ‘Style’, for one, does not seem to interest the artist. Repetitive, abstract, almost painfully ‘decorative’ compositions pop up next to hyperfigurative scenes where captions would seem to undermine every form of gravitas.

Tom Poelmans lives and works in Antwerp. His works have been exhibited at Garage (Mechelen), SVA (New York), Be-Part (Waregem), Base Alpha (Antwerp), and Extra City (Antwerp).


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